Prayer :4 Choose Carefully.

We attract what  we emit.  We are all a bundle of energies. Positive & Negative. Yin & Yan. Between the two ends there is ‘stillness’, ‘numbness’  the ‘no energy zone’. Do not get trapped in that space for too long. Do not allow yourself to stay there. Do not stay with those in that space….

Prayer :3 Promises to keep.

At work or in personal relationships we meet many people who say many things to us. Promises that we take seriously. Some of us even alter the course of lives, professionally or personally.  At that moment, those promises ( that are mere words ) seems so true and honest. As time passes we notice that…

Hey Entrepreneur ! I found your ignition key !

“I have had enough of the routine in my job, need to follow my passion. Yes, its cushy and I get paid a decent sum of money to look after my family, but I think I am capable of much more.” ” I have this absolutely wonderful idea in my head, never had the opportunity…

Prayer :2

Posters are my way of expressions. I create them as they help me articulate my thoughts in a beautiful manner. Please feel free to share.

Prayer :1

This is my first poster. I have always been an optimist. Believe that what we think manifests.. and thus this poster.

Attract Abundance – There is enough for all of us.. and more.

We are the creators of our reality. All of it. We create it with our feelings, thoughts and beliefs. We are very powerful magnets. Magnets that have the capability to attract. Attract via our thoughts. Our feelings, deep inside of us. We manifest our lives as we live it. Initially , this may seems ridiculous,…

Soul First – Just Get Started

There are numerous learnings when you decide to go the entrepreneur route. Right from the day one. For one, Entrepreneurship, at the soul level is a state of mind. You can cut & polish the diamond to be the brilliant cut, but you need to be diamond in the first place. Get what I mean…