Soul First – Just Get Started


There are numerous learnings when you decide to go the entrepreneur route. Right from the day one.

For one, Entrepreneurship, at the soul level is a state of mind. You can cut & polish the diamond to be the brilliant cut, but you need to be diamond in the first place. Get what I mean ?

I have spent many hours deliberating a decision and waiting for the perfect moment to do something. It could be something as small as the colour of the reception area wall. Or it could be that presentation to a client, perfecting it and re-perfecting. This is the case because we do not want anything, to go wrong. We are just starting out. Right ?

O well. So.. Soon you realise that, there is a collection of tasks and you feel a bit burdened. Specially if you are starting out alone. Early stages.

My small advice ? Get on with it. Even if it is 60% there. Get on with it. Time is so important in our lives. Its running out, like sand from a closed fist.

We need to be in grip of the BIG PICTURE, and move forward with a 60 %.

The product evolves.

The business evolves.

Let me give you 3 examples. I could give you many, but for now lets stay with 3.
Example 1. Facebook. Remember the first look ? and see what it is today. Evolved and how. If you think that everything is perfect with them right now ? No. You are wrong. They are evolving. Even now. As I write.

Example 2. Pinterest. When I started using Pinterest, it barely had any features. 8 -10 categories to choose from.However, I tried to make a new account with them a couple of days back and wow! I was impressed. I think they have a lot of goodies tucked up their sleeves. And they are ready to monetise.

Example 3. Amazon. From books to everything under the sun and growing. I don’t think I need to elaborate further.

( WordPress too – Cannot resist the 4th mention )

So coming back to my point. Have a rock solid product that either the customer “WANTs” to have or is a “NEED” that you fulfil. Maybe in a unique way or in an unrepresented territory/ market or an innovation.

Just get on with it.


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