Hey Entrepreneur ! I found your ignition key !


I have had enough of the routine in my job, need to follow my passion. Yes, its cushy and I get paid a decent sum of money to look after my family, but I think I am capable of much more.

I have this absolutely wonderful idea in my head, never had the opportunity to pursue it. You see in our times we did not have opportunities. High time I become an entrepreneur and make my idea a reality.

You know, along with my current job I have been working on the side, on this idea. Its shaping up very well. I have enough reserves to last me for a year and a half or two. Have discussed with close network of friends and family.

Enough of taking bashing from clients for things that are beyond my control. I think its time I become my own boss. So what if I am small, I will have the luxury to work from home, at the time I choose, and also follow my passion !! ”

I am 22 / 24 / 28 year old, fresh out of a premium college. I want to be the next big thing. Me and my 2 friends have this really exciting and scalable business idea. All we need is a VC to back it up

The Age of Entrepreneurs is now. We are witnessing history. We are in the midsts of very very interesting times, and what you read above are some indicative thoughts of a promising entrepreneur that we often get to hear.

I think its FANTASTIC to have that fire in the belly, to have that burning ambition to achieve your dreams. To make things right. To make the world a better place. To solve a problem. To be the change. To dream of becoming a millionaire. A billionaire. To be the next innovator. To owe jets and yachts and villas.
..Whatever is your reason.

I write, since I keep getting asked this question so many times.
What keeps you going ?

The attributes of your personality, that goes a long way in ensuring that you will be successful, are Self Motivation & Resilience. 

One never ending supply tank of self motivation.
This is the magic potion.This ingredient will be your lifeline.
You will have to feed yourself, your idea and your people on it.
Imagine a large tank. When you begin your entrepreneurial journey, the tank is full of freshly churned motivation brimming to the edges. The tap at the base of the tank to be used, to fill unlimited amounts of it and distribute.                       You will notice that the level of motivation is getting used up, little by little but as a result you, your idea and your people are able to do what they have set out to so efficiently. 

So you as the founder entrepreneur, quickly enthuse more motivation from the higher powers that you have in your core. Life is good. But, there will be good days, bad days and very bad days. You will then realise, that this journey is a very quiet and lonely one.. and yet, you need to stay .. yes, you got it right..Stay


So before you start out, access your personality. After all who know sit better than you. Be as truthful to yourself as you can be. Write down answers to questions such as,

What is it that feeds my motivation ? Does money motivate me ?   Drive me ?            Does my  own work motivate you ? Is it that deep desire to prove my worth that motivates me ? Does my child’s dream motivate me ? Do my hardworking employees motivate me  ? Does someone in my the family motivate me?                           Do books and reading motivate me  ? Does taking a break once in awhile motivate me ? Am I resilient ?

Since, it is only when you will be self driven, motivated, continuously for days months years. You remain Dauntless.
Fall . Rise . Fall . Rise. Stumble. Rise. Rise Rise. Rise.
You will succeed.
Believe you me YOU WILL !!



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