Prayer :3 Promises to keep.

At work or in personal relationships we meet many people who say many things to us.


Promises that we take seriously. Some of us even alter the course of lives, professionally or personally.  At that moment, those promises ( that are mere words ) seems so true and honest.

As time passes we notice that those promises are immediately followed up by excuses of not being able to live up to,  for one genuine reason after another. We must allow ourselves to accept them.

However, when it becomes a pattern and starts seriously hampering your personal or professional growth, do take look at the situation objectively.  This applies to me too. I am mindful to it. I keep reminding myself not to promise if I cannot deliver. This is what will carve out the real me, the real you. This is what will stay with me&you. Our personality. Our character. Our strength. US.


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