Run Baby, RUN 9th June 2016


‘.. or I will run away’  A life changing sentence.

RUN Baby RUN.  You run away from what you don’t need in life

Choose Your Right RUN !

RUN 1. Anyone can run. Its super easy. Facing the issues in front of you is what your true self is.

RUN 2. Running away is proof that its not important enough.

RUN 3. Everything you are running away from is in your head.

RUN 4. What are you running away from ? Questions that you don’t have answers to !

RUN 5. Run. Find yourself.

RUN 6. Run for a good cause. Yourself.

Run 7. Either you run the day or the day runs you.

Find a New route. New Destinations. New Life. Turning point.

Run away.

‘.. or I will run away..’ Life changing statement. Jolted to reality.

It never was a chase.

No more chase.


Ah ! Life. ‘I love you so much when I don’t have to run away.’



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