The Source Quote #2

So if you wonder often who is your friend here is a sort of a reminder.

One does not need to look for thought in books and scriptures. Profound thoughts emerge from everyday lives. We just need to be tuned in.  Feelings emerge from the simplest of conversations. Blessed are those who have friends for life.

Cherish those who love you. It is not about what they can do for you.

It is the intent. It is the genuineness. It is the devotion to a feeling called friendship. Pure. Unadulterated.

Rini Simon Khanna July 2016

I doing my regular browsing  on #Facebook yesterday morning and my friend Rini, posted this profound quote as an update on her timeline. It just triggered something in me to preserve this thought. What a beautiful and pure thought.

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Please feel free to share socially, if you like it or this resonates with your thoughts.


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