Smart Business Logic MiniPoster #14

Sell Solutions not Products.

No one is interested in your product. Unless of course, you are Apple or Disney or Rolls Royce or Cartier.

As a business owner, identifying the problem and defining it was the 1st step in your conviction to establish the business. As a business executive, your challenge is to be able to communicate to your customers in a manner that your product becomes the market leader. Well, the ideal situation!

However, a lot of us are constantly struggling. You may have had a good year or a quarter but it is an ongoing process. Therefore, it does not harm to refresh our memories and re-read what we already may know.

Whatever may be your product, to begin with, we must know and understand our target audience, their problems, their needs &wishes. Once that is listed out, you have to think about how you sell the solution to that problem. A good business strategy is to find the problems customers have and then offer solutions for those problems.

Often, we tend to get lost in the process of selling the product and lose sight of what is actually the benefits that it provides to the user. . . Think about it.

Do we buy products or do we buy the advantages purchasing a certain product brings ?

Do we buy the 4″x2″of a green colour, lemon scented solid mineral bar called ‘Blah Soap’ to wash clothes or do we buy the perception that the bar will clean our clothes without destroying them and leave behind a fresh lemon scent? Not to forget that it will not be harmful to your soft hands.

  • See things from the customer’s point of view.
  • Why would the customer need a particular solution?
  • Does it make a difference to the way he is currently doing things?
  • Why is it unique ?
  • What differentiates it from other solutions available to the same problem?

So what should be done… Where do you start ? There are many ways. but listed below are a few that will enable to begin.

  • Firstly spend some time to know your audience. Understand their problems, their needs and wishes. Keep making notes.
  • Focus on the benefits you bring and your unique abilities.
  • Define the strengths of your product .
  • List the advantage of every feature. 
  • Set yourself apart from the competition.
  • Learn from your own experiences purchasing a product or service.
  • Think about customers’ pain points and tell them how your product or service can relieve that.

Lastly, it is a good idea to demonstrate or showcase customer testimonials. Do not fake it. Do not create false customer testimonials. It will catch up sooner than later with you.

Try this. It works. and I am not the first one who endorsed it.



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