Smart Business Logic MiniPoster #15

There will be times when you will have no one to turn to. The odds will be against you. No one will be willing to bet on your belief. The belief that you have to make it to the  ‘Goal’  you have set for yourself. Big or small is inconsequential.

Let me give you some examples for you to fathom what I am getting at.

  • Creating a marketing presentation for your organisation. The one on which the product launch depends on.
  • The well-researched solution ( read ‘Business idea’ in mind)  that you have to address a customer pain-point.
  • The competitive test you are going to take to get you into the college of your choice.
  • That ‘dream job’ that you are positioning yourself for. Working hard towards.
  • That perfect recipe that you are trying to perfect for your anniversary dinner.

More often than not you will find all odds against you. You may be stuck with the wrong team, a partner who is half-heartedly with you, the distractions of life, family obligations, that race against time, lack of focus, ‘your unique problem.’

It is here that your belief will ensure that you are able to accomplish that goal. 

Make it a reality. Despite all odds. Your dream is yours. Your vision is yours. You should have the ability to keep the focus on your goal and not adjust to the situations to ‘make do.’

Upgrade your Conviction. Never downgrade your dream !


© SugandhaDubey. All rights to publish commercially, reserved.
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