Ebay Lays Off Entire Product And Tech Team In India.


US-based e-commerce marketplace eBay has reportedly fired its entire product and tech team in India, except 15 officials, who might move to the US, according to a report by TechInAsia.

While confirming the development, Latif Nathani, Managing Director, eBay India called it “benching” rather than “firing.” The fired officials were working out of eBay’s development centre in Bengaluru.

Commenting on the development, an official spokesperson from eBay said, “As a normal course of business, eBay regularly reviews its operational structure and today we announced some changes to our global product and technology team. As a result, we are reducing our overall technology workforce in Bengaluru and shifting work to other global centers around the world. We remain committed to India and will continue to invest in core product and technology development for eBay India.”

While the entire product and tech team has been fired, the analytics team stays intact, according to an official statement.

Earlier last year, eBay, before its split with PayPal, fired its 350 employees in India, across its development centres in Chennai and Bengaluru. Following that, another 50 employees were laid off by the e-commerce giant, as a part of its restructuring process, post its split with PayPal.

Where eBay operates as a major player in the US, India’s e-commerce market is predominantly dominated by Amazon and Flipkart. In July 2016, Flipkart decided to lay off 700-1000 underperforming employees when it faced a downfall in its valuation by Morgan Stanley, T. Rowe, and others.

Other major layoffs seen this year include:

  • More than 150 CommonFloor employees were fired by Quikr after the real-estate portal was acquired by the e-commerce platform, this January.
  • In April, InMobi fired close to 100 employees and Hiree fired 80% of its workforce.
  • GirnarSoft-owned platforms had fired 60 employees in a bid to realign its management and resources to focus on its core areas.
  • Grofers, which fired 10% of its employees in June.

(Link below for original source of the article by Ambika Chopra of inc42.com)

Ebay Goes On A Firing Spree; Lays Off Entire Product And Tech Team In India


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