That weak moment.


Happens in our lives all the time.

  • that chocolate we had pledged not to eat, as the diet we were strictly on, prohibited even an ounce of sugar.
  • that one momentary decision we took that changed the course of our life.
  • that sentence we muttered in the meeting and regretted, even as we almost heard us saying it.
  • that verbal abuse we hurtled.
  • that first kiss we wasted on the wrong person.
  • that extra helping at the dinner table.
  • even that door we banged on someone who was incapable of reacting to our behavior.
  • … you can add your ‘that weak moment’ in the comment below.

As humans, we all succumb to ‘that weak moment.’ Sometimes it leads to a joyous outcome and sometimes.. well..  just regret of not being able to undo.

Life has taken all of us through various phases of this moment. I was listening to Anita Moorjani, author of ‘Dying to be me’ and she mentioned something during her conversation with the interviewer that triggered this thought in me.

She said that at a very simple level we are driven by 2 emotions.

Love and Fear.

Love is a positive emotion, it can also be called Passion, Happiness, Joy and so forth. All brings happiness to us.


Fear is the negative feeling. Pessimism, Doubt, Lethargy and such emotions. They all make us feel low. Pull us down.

and sometimes these decisions are triggered by that ‘weak in the moment decision’

So I decided to just write about it. Share and leave it around for anyone who may read it, ponder or reflect.

Please leave your comments if you have a view on it.


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