Rather late in the day. Almost towards the fag end of the first month of the year. This is my first post of 2017.


It has various meanings. The literal is simple to understand. : Liquefy. Thaw, Unfreeze. Defrost. Soften. Dissolve. Deliquesce. eg. Melting ice, ice-cream snow.

Delve deeper and for me, it is life-changing. Transformation. Change.

I am in a state of liquid.

Life happens. I mould and become a form. Choose to mould into a form so beautiful.

Ah! the feeling of transformation.

Destiny.. Choice.. and then it reverses; becomes a struggle instead of joy.( for some )

Whatever the sequence, when it MELTS,

The experience is life altering.

It is here we make the choice.

Having been through it.

We know.

And we MELT. become Zero again. Nothing. Noone.

And a chance to rebuild. To wipe off. To regenerate.



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