My kid is now a teenager!

This post below was forwarded on whats-app by a friend. While I am a mother to a single child this made sense to me. I think it will to any parent. We are all the same when it comes to parenting. I had to Share it. Preserve it. Remind us, that time is passing us by. Cherish each moment we have with our children. Ready to fly out! To find their own world.

Moms, make the most of your time with the little ones while they are still little.

“My kids are now teenagers and it is hard to imagine them as anything else! My son towers over me at 6 feet. People mistake his voice for his dad’s on the phone. My daughter, just the other day, asked to borrow my strapless bra. Yes, the kids are now that old.
I wasn’t quite ready to accept it. So, I did what we sensible mothers all do when we think our kids are growing up too fast- I pulled out the baby albums and found myself running my fingers over their baby pictures. My eyes turned moist, with humble pride at the wonderful people they had become but also because I missed their baby days! What exactly did I miss, I asked myself. The sleep deprived nights? The constant ‘clingy’ness? The diapers and the potty training?
Honestly, I miss all of that and then some!
I miss their touch. I miss their weight in my arms. I miss how my son needed my earlobe to pull on when he fell asleep every night – I couldn’t wear earrings for an entire year! I miss my little girl who hated to nap and fell asleep only bit by bit, her body reluctantly and gradually growing heavier my arms as she drifted off.
I miss their fragrance. That heady mix of baby soap, spit-up, wet diaper, and innocence! That special baby smell that no one can replicate. One whiff of it could recharge me for the entire day!
I miss their tears. It is not that they don’t cry now. But now, their tears make me hurt. I can console them but not always make them feel better. Back then, I was the only one who could. I miss the mommy power of taking all their troubles away.
I miss their littleness. Just yesterday, my son walked over to the sofa and unexpectedly lay his head in my lap. I cherished the moment as I ran my fingers through his hair but craved the time when his entire little being fit comfortably in my lap. I miss the tiny fists boxing in the air, the first shoes smaller than my palm.
I miss how, no matter what they were doing, their mom radar would always check to see if I was around.
Moms, don’t miss the opportunity to make the most of your time with the little ones while they are still little. Cuddle them, squish them, smell the top of their heads, shower them with a hundred kisses! Let your clothes soak up their tears and let their grubby fingers ruin your hair as they fling their arms around you. Etch each moment in your memory because no pictures will ever do them justice.
Trust me, time flies. Soon, these days will seem like a distant dream and you will wish for them all over again!”

I will be happy to credit the original writer of this post. Please let me know if any of my readers come across the original writer.

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