Career Decisionmaking for kids versus Passion.

How do people decide their career at a very young age saying they’re passionate about it, while most of us don’t even know what we’re interested in till really late in life?

When I was young, I had a passion for everything.

  • I wanted to be a cricket star when I watched cricket.
  • I wanted to be a film-star when I watched a movie
  • I wanted to be the PM when I saw him on TV
  • I wanted to be a scientist when I learned about inventions

There was hardly anything under the sun, which I was not passionate about and I did not want to be.

This is how most of us are as children.

We are passionate about everything because we don’t think that there are things that are not practically possible to achieve, if not totally impossible.

However, we cannot become everything when we grow up.

When we finally become extremely successful in any field like cricket, politics, film, art, music etc., we connect the dots backward and project a story as if we knew from the beginning that this was our destiny.

This reminds me a small story.

A man was once passing through a jungle where he saw a boy who was shooting arrows on the tree painted with bull’s eye


In every single tree, the arrow pierced exactly inside the bull’s eye.

He complimented the boy for aiming so accurately.

Just then his brother came from behind and said, “My brother first hits the arrow on the tree and then he paints the bullseye around the arrow.”

This is what most of the great and successful people do.

Once they become successful, they build a story about their successes to show the world as if they knew from their childhood that they were going to hit the bull’s eye.


>>Comment by Kalpak Nikumbh>>

They don’t. If they do they’re wrong.

The recent trend of “following your passion” is actually a dangerous trend.

  1. Most people don’t know at a young age what is passion.
  2. The whole argument about “following your passion” is sufficiently vague to put people into an inferiority complex about themselves (if they hint that they are not following their passion). Developing the discipline to be skillful enough by hard work, consistency, grit, persistence is ‘passion’. The Passion mindset reverses this fact… it says that you will work hard, be consistent, show grit and persistence if you are passionate. Bullshit.

People who claim they are passionate about something from a young age actually forget something very important: they were encouraged, disciplined, coaxed, bribed into being good at something consistently by teachers or parents or someone who took responsibility for making sure that the young person did it… and kept doing it… and got better at it.

Before the “passionate” person “found” his/her passion, there was someone who was disciplined enough to keep the young person from being distracted.

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I discovered this amazing profile on Quora.

Mr. Awdhesh Singh. Author, Educator, and Speaker, IITian & a former IRS officer

The original conversation is posted by Awdhesh Singhon Quora. Please follow the writer of this article, Link below.



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