About Me


This is my personal blogging website where I also share my professional journey, experiences, joys and interests.

This keeps getting modified as life changes.

An entrepreneur at heart and an eternal optimist, I balance my personal and professional life between home country India & a fair amount of travel.  I live with my loving husband and am a mother to an amazing Daschund and a teenage daughter.

My professional expertise lies in content & product development: Grounds-up.  Interaction design (UXID), general management & fostering long-term relationships, which I credit to  20 years of combined experience in visual content, strategy, technology, and diverse product development. As an entrepreneur, I have specific experience in the business of photography, eCommerce, and digital media.  Prior to being a full-time entrepreneur, I have worked for global organizations such as Gillette, Group 4 Securicor,  Getty Images being the last.  SIBSA  is my professional child. Building the photography ecosystem brick by brick. My vision is long term and I hope to be joined by those who believe it in to become a part of the same. Stock Photography is one of the starting points of the journey. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 9.32.28 AM.png
SugandhaDubey, Poland 2015


My father once said to me when I was a child, “There is no age for learning. We are never good enough. Go for higher education when you can in life. Never limit yourself to things you learned once upon a time. Keep learning, it is never wasted.”  He was a scholar and an academician and a Ph.D. in Agriculture Economics. He passed away almost a decade ago at the age of 58 due to cardiac arrest. I dedicate my blog site to him. He will forever be my Hero, my spiritual guide, and friend. I will try and posts his thoughts, his mind as interpreted and understood by me. 

I invest time in self-learning to enhance my capabilities and deliver better. I equip myself regularly by taking up relevant courses at the best schools in the world. I have completed an Executive Leadership Program – Driving Growth through Innovation at the Harvard Business School. I have also been a part of the UX Design Thinking Bootcamp for Change.org at Cooper  ( founded by Alan Cooper the father of Visual Basic ) in SanFrancisco.  And I will continue my quest for learning wherever I feel inadequate and feel that I can enhance my capabilities., Daddy.

Personally, I am super curious. I enjoy bringing ideas to life. I endorse that God lies in detail. Execution is the key to enabling an idea to live its life.

 Art, Design, StoryTelling, Archiving, Photography, Restoring, Preserving & Curating. I love the digital & app space and research on various subjects such as business strategies, startups, and founders, philosophy, science, Hinduism, spirituality.

At the moment I am apprenticing Calligraphy – the art of handwriting. I love to read online and real books. I am one of those who reads multiple books simultaneously.Currently, I am reading nothing.

We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to the moon that moves the sea, and you don’t believe in miracles? 


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